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Solid & Checkered Swooper Feather Flags

Solid & Checkered Swooper Feather Flags

Our Swooper Feather Flags are a simple and effective way of decorating your business. They are available in a variety of different color combinations and will make your business stand out from the crowd. Your company’s visual appearance often defines how prospective customers perceive you; First impressions really do count! Our feather flags which feature vibrant colors, striking patterns, and an eye-catching fluttering movement help attract attention and create an attractive display that make your company stand out.

Our checkered feather flags popular with the automotive industry, due to their association with cars and racing. The checkered flag in racing is waved when cars cross the finish line, so the checkered pattern instantly creates an automotive “feel” that reminds customers of car races like NASCAR and Formula One. The solid colored Swooper Feather Flags are great for any type of business seeking to add some color or vibrancy to their property and perhaps tie-in with their company or organization’s colors.

Our checkered Swooper feather flags can also be used to decorate car or motorcycle racing events and go cart tracks due to their clear association to the sports. This racing association also makes them an excellent choice for car shows, conventions and a host of other automotive-related industries/events.

Both solid and checkered flags work exceptionally well in conjunction with our other flags. Many businesses utilize them together to create eye-catching displays, which take their marketing to the next level. Check out our range of flags below and imagine just how much they would enhance the appearance of your business.